Bayesian statistics is increasingly taking on a leading role in all areas of biomedical research, continually challenged by emerging questions in clinical medicine and public health.

This workshop will bring together scientists interested in the latest applications and methodological developments of Bayesian Biostatistics in trial designs, addressing the need for more efficient and flexible approaches to answer key clinical questions; and in the analysis of complex observational data, to enhance causal understanding of disease processes in support of personalised clinical care and public health policies.

The objective of the workshop is multifold:

  • Promote Bayesian thinking and practice in biomedical sciences
  • Present applied case studies in clinical and non-clinical settings
  • Update delegates on new applications and methodological developments in Bayesian statistics in different areas of medicine and public health
  • Offer opportunities for statisticians for reorientation within the changing environment of the bio-pharmaceutical world

The three day workshop will comprise of one day training course on Bayesian approaches to incorporate historical data into clinical trials, followed by two days of keynote talks and contributed presentations.

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