(09-11 May)

Day 1 :

Opening presentation

9h00-16h00: Short course given by Professor Lesaffre, KULeuven

Bayesian analysis of longitudinal studies (theory and hands-on)


Day 2: Presentation of Bayesian applications

9h00-9h40: Invited speaker: David Leblond, Abbott, USA

Abstract :  The Posterior Probability of Passing a Compendial Test
Link to the presentation

9h40-10h20: Invited speaker: Siem Heisterkamp, Grünenthal, Germany

Abstract :  Directed Acyclic Graphs and the use of Linear Mixed Models
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10h20-10h40: Coffee break

10h40-11h10: Contributed talk: Aklilu Habteab Ghebretinsae, U.Hasselt, Belgium

Abstract : A Bayesian Generalized Frailty Model for Comet Assays
Link to the presentation

11h10-11h40:  Contributed talk: Mehreteab Fantahun Aregay, KUL, Belgium

Abstract : Non-Linear Fractional Polynomial for Estimates of Long-Term Persistence of Induced HPV Antibodies: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
Link to the : presentation

11h40-12h10:  Contributed talk: Jouni Kerman, Novartis, Switzerland

Abstract : A Neutral Bayesian Reference Analysis of Incidence Rates of Rare Clinical Events
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12h10-13h00 Lunch

13h00-13h40: Invited speaker: Christel Faes, U.Hasselt, Belgium

Abstract : Variational Bayesian Inference for Parametric and Nonparametric Regression with Missing Data
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13h40-14h20: Invited speaker: Jan Serroyen, U.Maastricht, Netherlands

Abstract : Bayesian approach to modeling HIV viral rebound
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14h20-14h40: Coffee break

14h40-15h20: Invited speaker: Gianluca Baio, U.London, UK & U. of Milano Bicocca, Italy

Abstract : A decision-theoretic framework for the application of cost-effectiveness analysis in regulatory processes
Link to the presentation

15h20-15h50: Contributed talk: Foteini Strimenopoulou, UCB Pharma, UK

Abstract : Bayesian non-linear PK modelling applied to dose escalation studies using WinBUGS
Link to the presentation

15h50-16h30: Contributed talk: Joris Menten, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium

Abstract : Bayesian Meta-analysis of Diagnostic Tests Allowing for Imperfect Reference Standards
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Day 3: Presentation of Bayesian applications

9h00-9h40: Invited speaker: Sandro Gsteiger, Novartis, Switerzland

Abstract : Historical controls in clinical trials: the meta-analytic predictive approach applied to over-dispersed count data
Link to the presentation

9h40-10h20: Invited speaker: Joachim Gerß, U.Münster, Germany

Abstract : Sample size estimation in a planned paediatric clinical trial utilizing external information of historical trials in adults and children
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10h20-10h40: Coffee break

10h40-11h20: Invited speaker: Raphael Koch, U.Münster, Germany

Abstract : Utilizing historical information from adult and pediatric clinical trials: Results, limitations, and extensions of the meta-analytic predictive approach
Link to the presentation

11h20-12h00: Invited speaker: Roland Fisch, Novartis, Switzerland

Abstract : A Bayesian Dose De-escalation Design with Stratified Minimax Regret
Link to the presentation

12h00-12h40: Lunch

12h40-13h20: Invited speaker: Erika Cule, U.London, UK

Abstract : Ridge regression for risk prediction with applications to genetic data
Link to the presentation

13h20-14h00: Invited speaker: Andy Grieve, Aptiv Solutions

Abstract : Resolving Issues with the simple Continual Reassessment Method
Link to the presentation

14h00-14h10: Closing remarks, Muriel Boulton, Grünenthal, Germany
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